Crown Wars: The Black Prince is making its way to Switch sometime in 2024, and today brings us a fresh trailer. Discover a diverse array of units, each with its unique characteristics – the Flayer, the Gunner, and the Alchemist. These three distinct classes provide a wide range of combat options, particularly tailored for engaging in distance combat scenarios.

As the Hundred Year War rages on, assume the head of a noble family and seek out glory in this tactical turn-based strategy game. Fend off enemy factions and battle an evil force that has corrupted the highest echelons of society, exploiting the conflict for its own gain through a violent and mysterious cult.

From your castle, recruit, equip and train soldiers to fight your enemies and protect the population. As you face the challenges thrown at you, your skills in management and diplomacy will be put to the test. With the world on the brink of collapse, there is only one solution: Evil must be defeated.


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