TEVI developers CreSpirit, GemaYue, and Ein Lee have given a sneak peek at what’s next for the game, and it includes a rather big addition to the experience.

TEVI fans can look forward to a brand-new Boss Rush mode in the game, which lets you face off against every boss in the game. Brace yourself for back-to-back smackdowns, during which special hidden events can be triggered. Dive in and find out what lies in wait!

We don’t have an exact time for this update, but it does appear it’ll be releasing soon. We also have some more patch notes for this update, which you can read in full below.

  • Added “The Colosseum” Boss Rush Mode, which features more than 3 different difficulty levels. Players can access the colosseum after clearing the game. Once any Boss Rush is completed, the colosseum becomes accessible in any save file.
  • Added three new special battles, which can be accessed by following the new post game objectives.
  • Added 10 new achievements
  • Added “Auto Pin” feature. When players see an item or any resource block, it will be auto-pinned to the map, even if they have not collected it. (This feature is on by default. Items hidden in blocks or fake walls will not pinned until the block or fake wall is removed)
  • Optimized the “Always display map connections” feature. Now almost all connections are shown. (Feature is on by default)
  • Optimized Misty Maze “2”: Changed one of the rooms so players can reach the end and clear the fog sooner.
  • Optimized : Made changes and added a simpler gimmick to make it easier to navigate.
  • Fixed missing hint in Library Key’s English description
  • Fixed player’s inability to apply “Impassioned” debuff to the boss if player DPS is very high
  • Fixed Chapter 3 “BOSS 1” using a phase 1 attack during phase 2 if player DPS is very high
  • Fixed an attack pattern of Chapter 8 “BOSS 2”
  • Fixed both bosses in sharing the same equipment in Free Roam mode
  • And many minor bug fixes

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