Switch becomes Japan’s best selling game hardware ever

The accolade to end all accolades

06 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 5

We’ve seen 6+ years of the Switch so far and the system has been a runaway hit almost that entire time. The more days that pass, the more milestones and achievements the platform hits, and now the system has garnered its greatest achievement yet.

Over in Japan, the most recent sales data shows us that the Switch has reached an amazing 33.34 million units sold. That figure is good enough to make the Switch the best-selling gaming hardware in Japan of all-time.

Just last week, we learned the Switch had to surpass the Game Boy Color, which sold 32,470,000 units, and the DS, which reached 32,990,000 units sold. Thanks to Nintendo’s most recent fiscal report, we now know the Switch has done that with ease. Now let’s see how high it can go!

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5M ago

The doom just keeps on coming.


5M ago

This is great news, a far cry from the dour days of the Wii U era. Kudos to Nintendo for staying the course. I look forward to their next hardware endeavor.


5M ago

And some people say Nintendo should've never abandoned the Wii U...


5M ago

Switch successor will only sell 32,989,000 in Japan and will be considered a FAILURE.


5M ago


I mean, they shouldn't have. We still would have made it to the Switch eventually.