With Nintendo’s most recent round of financial data, we finally have the last piece of the puzzle on 2023 game sales. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom closed out 2023 with a whopping 20.28 million units sold worldwide, which is no doubt a staggering achievement. Still, that wasn’t enough to take the top spot for the year.

We now officially know that Hogwarts Legacy was the best-selling videogame in 2023 worldwide. With all platform sales combined, including the late launch on Switch, the title reached 22 million units sold altogether. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom certainly gave Hogwarts Legacy a run for its money, but it seems the Warner Bros. title’s multiple SKUs were too much for Link to overcome.

Which title is going to have the longer legs in 2024? Will Hogwarts Legacy maintain its lead over Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, or will Nintendo’s effort manage to surpass the wizarding world? We’ll have to check back in a year’s time to find out!

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26d ago

“Sleep hit” isn’t the right term but I feel like no one talked about this game. Not in the same way people talked and shared experiences with Tears of the Kingdom.


26d ago


The controversy surrounding the owner of the IP meant that people who wanted to play it but not be judged negatively for supporting a bigot just kept their opinions to themselves for the most part. That's why it didn't get talked about much, the IP owner is toxic.

So millions of hypocrites bought the game?


26d ago


I don't think it's hipocrisy when you just want to play a game from your favorite IP without being harassed by people with too much time on their hands.
I feel like those who raise a fuss about the "IP owner" are the (very) loud minority. Everyone else couldn't care less and just wants to play a HP game.

I for one haven't bought the game due to a serious case of 'open world fatigue'. I have Pokémon Gen 9 and TotK to thank for that.

I’m more referring to people who consider JK Rowling bad but still give her money as being hypocrites.

Not the people who buy the game and don’t care about the JK stuff.


26d ago


Was reading some comments around the "drama times" of this game and saw even trans people playing and loving the game.

Loud minority indeed. Some people just bleed for attention.


25d ago


I was reffering to your 'millions of hypocrites' since I honestly don't think that that many people consider JK Rowling bad. Not even close.