In the 2000s, rumors circulated among game collectors regarding elusive titles that existed only in Japan but never saw a release in the West - each with their reasons. In the case of Majyūō, it was most likely an issue of its content being less acceptable to certain publishers or rating boards in Western countries with grotesque demons, mature content, and religious symbolism being likely sticking points.

But now… It has been almost 30 years since its release and we felt it was time to pay tribute to this unique release.


Retro-Bit Publishing Majyuo: The King of Demons for SNES

  • First official release outside of Japan
  • Japanese version of Majyūō: King of Demons translated to English
  • Demonic Heart 16-bit cartridge for SNES® consoles (NTSC or PAL)
  • Full-colored instruction manual
  • Numbered hardcover magnetic cartridge packaging
  • Exclusive embellished celebratory slipcover

In 1995, Majyūō was released on the Japanese Super Famicom® by a relatively unknown developer known as Eleven Co. The game itself is a challenging action-platformer but has a horror theme to it, pushing it closer to what would normally pass for a “Mature” rating. It features Abel, a man whose wife and daughter were kidnapped by his former friend, Bayer, who has become a cultist of the Demon King. Bayer seeks to bring the Demon King into the world by sacrificing Abel’s family and, if successful, would spell the end for humankind.

If you’d like to get a closer look at the physical package or lock in a pre-order, you can do so through the Retro-Bit store.

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