Kakao Games have announced the “World 18: Two Heroes” Update for Guardian Tales, the gripping finale of the game’s Season 2 “Demon World.” Players will embark on a thrilling new adventure, with key characters converging as the Demon World plot reaches its epic conclusion!

World 18 can be accessed after clearing World 17, and also introduces a new hero, the mysterious Plague Doctor. A cloaked figure shrouded in intrigue, the Plague Doctor snatches souls away instead of granting heroes wishes. This fiendish doctor only appears to those consumed by despair and fear, granting them the power they desire, but only if they’re willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice. Friend or foe? Players will have to make a deal with the doctor to find out!

The World 18 update provides a bounty of celebratory events that will be live until February 19, including:

  • 3,000 Gems free for logging in!
  • 50 free hero/equipment summons to help players bag their favourite heroes (including the new Plague Doctor).
  • The World 18 update celebration event! Here players can complete event rift stage missions, earn points, and exchange them for various rewards such as Mileage Tickets and Legendary Awakening Stones.

A Hero Pickup Event hosted by Kakao Games featuring the Plague Doctor, along with Demonshire’s Count Claud, God of Harvest Kamael, and Destroyer Pymon, is also planned to run until March 5.


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