Those playing Nintendo Switch Sports may be enjoying that game’s surprisingly fun Soccer mode, but Nintendo will soon have a much more meaty Soccer offering in the very near future.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is just a tad over a month away from launch, which lands on June 10th, 2022. Last week brought us a wealth of gameplay footage, screens, and art, but today brings us something extra special; the game’s intro.

Nothing gets you pumped for some Mario Strikers fun like an action-packed intro, and Mario Strikers: Battle League certainly kicks things off in grandiose fashion. Check out the full intro to the game above!

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2y ago

I sorta like this opening but it could use a lot more "oomph"

Like the flow has weird pacing issues and the actions need more energy behind them. I think the camera direction was a lot weaker than in Strikers Charged, this has odd cutaways, slow motion and drawn out scenes where a character is either reacting to something taking a long time to show off their skills.

The overall direction in Strikers Charged opening is leagues better. You can tell that there was a clear vision behind making that and had very little interference through out the process. I have a gut feeling that the Battle League opening was focus tested or had a lot of mandates that mostly consisted of 'do not do this' or 'the character must show off this'.

I still kinda like it though... just pointing that out.

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