CLeM now available on Switch

Your strange journey awaits

06 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

A dark and mysterious journey awaits you in CLeM, arriving on Nintendo Switch today, published by Iceberg Interactive, known for Strange Horticulture and Still There and developed by Mango Protocol, creators of the “Psychotic Adventures” series. CLeM is the fourth game to take place in the Psychotic Universe and offers a standalone narrative-driven puzzle adventure game with a dark twist. CLeM is a captivating adventure mystery in which you’ll unearth the stories and secrets surrounding you and the house you’re confined within. CLeM presents a narrative adventure that will test the player’s ability to discover clues and solve puzzles.

CLeM weaves a unique narrative experience styled as a ‘Puzzlevania’, combining head-scratching puzzles with exploration. Placing yourself in the shoes of a peculiar ragdoll, you’ll be able to interact with dozens of these puzzles and learn to craft magic toys that unveil the hidden secrets that exist within this most unusual house. Armed with a notebook, magical abilities, and the desire to explore, your fate is yours to reveal. And there’s more to CLeM’s intriguing tale than meets the eye, delicately exploring themes of manipulation, forgiveness, redemption and pride.

CLeM’s unnerving tale is depicted through a delectable art style that combines hand-drawn 2D elements with 3D environmental navigation. Each of the many varied environments you’ll encounter in CLeM has been carefully crafted, filling this unsettling world with details that beg to be explored in the quest to uncover the many truths hidden in plain sight. Discovering and combining objects through the powers of alchemy will be an important part of this journey, allowing your ragdoll to access previously unreachable areas and rediscover items from the past as new layers of this twisted tale are revealed.

CLeM brings plenty of questions and mysteries to Nintendo Switch players today for $15.99/€15.79/£13.49.


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