There are many ways to enjoy the world’s blockiest sandbox as a parent. As part of Safer Internet Day, Minecraft developer Mojang has made a guide to help parents explore the most relevant steps for setting up a fun and secure experience for you and your child. You can give it a watch above!

In Minecraft, the world is at your feet. There are many ways to play this blocky sandbox. Whether you want to survive the night or build a work of art—how you experience it is all up to you! But learning the ropes of a new game can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Mojang offers a library of resources that cover the fundamentals of Minecraft: from how you craft or use a controller, to how you play with friends.

A journey of a thousand blocks begins with a single step – and it’s time you take yours! However, before you set out into the blocky world of Minecraft, there’s a few things you will have to sort out before you’re ready. If the video above isn’t enough, you can get all the details you need at the official Minecraft Tips for Beginners website.

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