Our connections to each other are the foundation of so many of our experiences. Days of Love is back to celebrate those connections—this year with an updated event, a new cast of characters, and favorite traditions to share with friends new and old.

Jellyfish Cove in the Starlight Desert is the center of the event. Beginning on February 12th PST, find a heart-shaped event guide in Aviary Village and talk to them to teleport directly to the area. Under a tranquil starlit sky, a series of Spirits from past Seasons will arrive to greet you every two days, each reflecting the different kinds of relationships that shape our lives.

The spacious coastline of Jellyfish Cove is the scenic backdrop of the celebration. Social Light will float down to the sands, and if you look overhead, every so often you may catch the sparkling glow of a meteor shower.

Explore the area to find bow-shaped event currency too! Five are available every day: 4 placed around the space, and 1 once you interact with the Spirits visiting for the occasion. Use them to unlock this year’s new IGC (in-game currency) items!

thatgamecompany might have updated the event, but Days of Love traditions are also coming back. It’s the perfect time for double Hearts, so across the two weeks of the event, every Heart gift and partial Heart gift you give to friends will be doubled! (Don’t forget: if a gift is sent before Days of Love begins but is then collected during the event, it will not be doubled.)Home keeps its snowy appearance before revealing a fresh cover of pink grass in the final days of the event, and the Secret Area accessible from the Vault of Knowledge reopens for everyone as well.

Since Jellyfish Cove is changing up its appearance for Days of Love, perhaps Sky kids want to do the same, so new and returning items will be on hand especially for that purpose.

Introducing new additions to the Days of Love lineup:

  • Days of Love music sheet: 7 event currency
  • Love Heart Plushie: 14 event currency
  • Love Heart Beret: 27 event currency
  • Days of Love Meteor Mantle: $17.99

Find IGC items by talking to the event guide in Aviary Village. IAP can be found in the in-game shop menu, or in the event shop in Aviary Village where the event guide waits. As always, free trial spells for all event items (plus other themed spells) are available from the spell shops in Jellyfish Cove and the Aviary Village event shop.

Days of Love begins at 00:00 February 12th and ends at 23:59 February 25th PST (UTC -8). Whether you take part in the event as a solo adventurer, with close friends, or everyone you meet along your travels, the devs can’t wait to celebrate the connections we all share, whatever shape they might take. See you in the skies!

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