Dave the Diver devs host a video Q&A

A deep dive, if you will

06 February 2024
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MINTROCKET, the team behind Dave the Diver, have decided to answer a litany of fan questions in a new video feature, and it’s jam-packed with all sorts of interesting information. While the video itself is under 20 minutes, you wouldn’t believe how much ground is covered. Here’s what you can expect to hear and learn throughout the feature.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:34 PlayStation Release date Revealed!
  • 00:46 Godzilla Free Collaboration DLC date Revealed!
  • 02:06 Q1. Are there any plans to expand the story or add new DLC?
  • 02:27 Q2. Is there a story planned after the Cobra call scene in the epilogue?
  • 02:37 Q3. What can you tell us about Dave and Cobra’s past?
  • 02:58 Q4. Do you have any plans for platform expansion?
  • 03:10 Q5. Do you have any plans for a multiplayer mode?
  • 03:25 Q6. Are there any plans for a spinoff with other characters?
  • 03:39 Q7. Can you make cutscenes or the one-off content replayable?
  • 04:17 Q8. Do you have plans to add modding features?
  • 04:38 Q9. Do you have plans to add other languages to the game?
  • 05:10 Q10. Why did you make it as pixels?
  • 05:39 Q11. Who gave you the crazy idea to put a banana-print outfit on cobra?
  • 05:54 Q12. Are there people on the team with mid-range diving, deep-diving, or spear fishing experience?
  • 06:26 Q13. How are you feeling right now?
  • 06:42 Q14. Was Dave inspired by a real person?
  • 07:08 Q15. How many kilograms does Dave weigh?
  • 07:24 Q16. How did Dave become a diver?
  • 07:48 Q17. If you could live in the Dave the Diver universe, what character would you be?
  • 09:08 Q18. How did you come about incorporating references from pop culture?
  • 09:38 Q19. Are there any Easter eggs that the community hasn’t discovered yet?
  • 10:09 Q20. Do you have any plans to create merchandise for Dave the Diver?
  • 10:32 Q21. What inspired you to develop this new Dave the Diver genre?
  • 11:24 Q22. As a Dave the Diver developer, what was the most challenging part of the development process?
  • 12:17 Q23. We’d love to hear your dev stories about cooking and menu decisions.
  • 12:41 Q24. Do you have any plans to add new stories for Dave and the Sea People?
  • 13:05 Q25. Will we see minigames or stories for other characters besides Dave?
  • 13:17 Q26. Can the loading times be further reduced?
  • 13:47 Q27. Is there a philosophy that you had in mind while making the game?
  • 14:11 Q28. Are there any plans to makre more powerful melee weapons?
  • 15:01 Q29. Are you planning any content to make boss fights playable again?
  • 15:18 Q30. Do you have any plans to develop content that utilizes the boat movement features added in the Dredge DLC?
  • 15:30 Q31. The performance of the Improved Hush Dart seems to be so good that it makes other weapons less useful.
  • 15:52 Q32. Was there any particular reason why all the characters happen to be middle-aged, or older guys?
  • 16:21 Ending

Dave the Diver is a casual, single-player adventure RPG featuring deep-sea exploration and fishing during the day and sushi restaurant management at night. Join Dave and his quirky friends as they seek to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Blue Hole.

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