To be completely honest, the Game Boy Camera was pretty much outdated tech when it originally launched back in 1998. That didn’t make it any less amazing, though. Being able to turn your Game Boy into a portable camera, even with its very limited capabilities, was absolutely mind-blowing. That’s why this oddity still has an audience today, and they’re finding new ways to get some life out of the hardware.

One Nintendo fan who has an undying love for the Game Boy Camera is Chris Graue, who actually used the accessory to film a music video a few years back. Turns out Graue’s fascination with the Game Boy Camera hasn’t died down yet, as he’s come up with a new and very unique way to use the device.

If you have a Super Nintendo, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Camera, Game Boy and a 3D printer, then you too could be the proud owner of a SNES Super Game Boy tripod mount! Is it practical in any sort of way? Of course it isn’t, but that’s part of the charm! While incredibly cumbersome, it is a new way to get some interesting pictures from your Game Boy Camera. With a little bit of extra work, this can be a really quirky, yet also alluring way to capture video footage through your Game Boy Camera.

If you’d like to give this setup a whirl, you can grab the 3D printer files for free through this link. You can also read a lot more about the project through Graue’s blog.

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