Life-size Psyduck plush available once again via Pokémon Center

Look at the psy-psy-SIZE of this thing!

06 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

When Pokémon Co. first unveiled their life-sized Psyduck plush, the internet went mad. The unique item was quick to be gobbled up by Pokémon fans, leaving many sad they didn’t get a chance to snag one for themselves. Thankfully, the time has come for you to right that wrong.

Pokémon Co. is restocking the Psyduck plush via the Pokémon Center website. The Pokémon Co. recently did the same thing in Japan, and now it’s time for those of us in the states to bring this bad-boy home. The only bad news is that it’s incredibly pricey, coming in a bank account-destroying $325.

This Psyduck plush measures a whopping 31inches/2’07” and it weighs 9 pounds. This product is made in Vietnam with polyester for the exterior and polyurethane foam, EVA, and polypropylene for the insides. If you’d like to check out more pics of the plush or place your pre-order, you can do so through this link.

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