In celebration of Street Fighter’s 35th anniversary, Ubisoft and Capcom are collaborating once again for Part 2 of the Brawlhalla X Street Fighter crossover. Five of the Street Fighter series’ most iconic characters will be joining the 2D platform-based fighting game: Dhalsim, Sakura, Ken, M. Bison, and Luke. This comes alongside a new map inspired by Street Fighter’s own “Bustling Side Street,” which will be available as part of the Street Brawl game mode. Brawlhalla X Street Fighter Part 2 kicks off on May 25th, 2022.

Ryu, Chun-Li, Akuma were released back in November.

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2y ago

That's a really cool addition. I've never really paid this game any attention. I remember reading about 2 of the TMNT being added. I see Ray-Man in the trailer, thought that's cool. It made me look more into the game, didn't know that it's an Ubisoft title. And it has 80 million players, it must be doing something right.

8o million players!?! Wow, I think it's time to see what makes this tick!