RedVonix’s studio Cerulean Games announces their work on console ports of “Cannibal Abduction”, and pack-in, “The Night of the Scissors,” both launching on Switch today.

Cerulean Games announces their work on the multi-console port of Cannibal Abduction along with its included pack-in game The Night of the Scissors, developed by Selewi, for Puppet Combo’s label, Torture Star Video.

Selewi developed the previously launched Cannibal Abduction and The Night of the Scissors as separate titles, which were then combined into a single product for console release. Selewi worked with Puppet Combo’s, Torture Star Video label to publish the game on all major consoles. Cerulean Games, owned and run by RedVonix, were brought back after already porting, “Bloodwash”, “No One Lives Under the Lighthouse”, and, “Night at the Gates of Hell” for Puppet Combo as the porting studio once again for this new release.

Cannibal Abduction tells the skin-crawling story of Henry’s attempt at escaping the house of a cannibalistic family before he becomes dinner. After embarking on a weekend getaway in his father’s car, Henry’s plans take an unexpected turn when the car breaks down in a remote area, leading to a fateful encounter with a suspiciously helpful local.

BONUS: If you’re still alive afterwards, break into an abandoned post office for scrap as Adam in The Night of the Scissors! Everything is yours for the taking, but the snipper has other plans for you.

From horror master Tomás Esconjaureguy, comes two twisted tales of terror! This thrilling VHS-styled low-poly survival horror pack is a must-have for any slasher enthusiasts. With cat and mouse style gameplay and light puzzles, avoid the killers at all costs by using the shadows or hiding spots. Be alert though, staying hidden won’t always be enough to escape. Can you survive, or will you join the ranks of those who have failed?

  • Experience the horror of being chased by a serial killer in his own house!
  • Stay in the shadows, hide inside wardrobes, don’t let him notice you.
  • Soft puzzle elements.
  • Plan your next move, your pockets are limited and you won’t be able to carry everything at once.
  • Cinematic camera angles and authentic VHS glitches.
  • Collect tapes to record your progress (They are scarce, use them wisely!)
  • A perfect mix of calm atmosphere and tense sound effects.
  • Two endings to help you discover why the family is acting so strange.

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