Numskull Games is thrilled to confirm that anticipated indie arcade fighting game Blazing Strike is getting a digital and physical release in Europe for Nintendo Switch May 2024. To accompany the release date announcement a brand new gameplay trailer has gone live, showcasing the games vibrant pixel art style, large variety of playable characters and gameplay dedicated to bringing back the old school fighting game spirit.

Pre-Orders will be available from a number of retailers and will begin to go live over the coming weeks, for more information on pre-orders please visit the Numskull Games homepage and Social Media channels.

Inspired by classic arcade fighting game series from industry greats such as Capcom and SNK, the upcoming 2D fighting game from developer RareBreed Makes Games evokes the excitement and nostalgia of 2D pixel art genre pioneers while incorporating a unique games system with modern mechanics.

Blazing Strike features:

A four-button system with six normal attacks: light, medium and heavy punches and kicks, as well as three defensive moves: block, guard and parry.

The Rush Trigger system. Enabling fighters to execute fast-paced attacks and movements, but using it will slowly drain the Rush Meter, sending the character into a temporary groggy state if it’s not managed appropriately.

Three play modes: Story Mode, Arcade Mode, and VS. (with training and sparring features) Online VS play powered by GGPO.

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