Guide the Hacker through Citadel Station infested with cyborgs, mutants, and reprogrammed robots to defeat SHODAN. System Shock Pinball arrives February 15th, 2024 in Pinball FX on Switch.

Another first-ever feature of this release is that a purchase of the Pinball M version grants you the age-appropriate Pinball FX version - and vice versa.

Table Features:

  • Jack into the Cyberspace Terminal mini-playfield for great rewards
  • Watch out for the Cyborg Attack! If you take too long to shoot, your ball will be shot and jettisoned off your flipper
  • Shoot with precision to ‘Get a Head’. Reveal a second ball by hitting the correct one out of three severed heads
  • It’s a Mutant Menace! Hit all the enemies and escape by the elevator
  • Brave all perils of the table to initiate self-destruct and defeat SHODAN for good

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