Pins are a fun way to show off your love of Pokémon, whether you’re wearing them on a jacket, sporting them on a backpack, displaying them on a board, or… Well, whatever! With its vast selection of pins, the Pokémon Center is a terrific source to find all sorts of adorable pins to add to your collection. There’s a wide variety to choose from now, and there are hundreds more coming throughout 2024!

Starting at the end of February, a new pin featuring a Dragon-type Pokémon will be released each month to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Each one features the Pokémon posing in front of an ornate stained glass window-style frame. These special pins are sure to be some of the fiercest (and most eye-catching) accessories around!

Pokémon Gallery Pins are a recent addition to Pokémon Center. These striking pins feature popular Pokémon that are attached to a Poké Ball-shaped display stand. They look equally great being worn or standing up on a shelf.

The Pokémon Held Item Pin collection highlights different Pokémon alongside iconic items from the Pokémon video games. These items are connected to the Pokémon by a metal chain, so they’re always nearby when the Pokémon need a boost. Pokémon Giant Pins are jumbo works of art that can’t help but stand out. At approximately 5 inches long, these giant pins loom large.

For a bit of retro flair, Pokémon Pixel Pins showcase beloved Pokémon as classic video game sprites. You’ll find individual pins as well as multi-packs of related Pokémon (such as a complete Evolution chain).

Keep checking Pokémon Center, as new pins will arrive every month of 2024. You’re bound to find pins featuring some of your favorite Pokémon.

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