Overwatch 2 Season 9: Champions is launching on February 13 and brings with it major changes to Competitive and general gameplay, making the PvP experience more accessible, rewarding, and fun for all.

As you might remember, back at BlizzCon, during the Overwatch 2: What’s Next Panel, Blizzard talked through some of the philosophy guiding major systemic changes coming this year: striving to make PvP gameplay more rewarding and fun, and providing greater transparency for players in-game. That begins in earnest with Season 9.

On the Competitive side, Blizzard is introducing an all-new progression system, a brand new tier above Grand Master, and Jade Weapon Variants for players to unlock through competitive play, among other updates. On the gameplay front, the team is introducing major changes affecting combat, hero survivability, and role passives.

Full details can be found in the “Revitalizing the Overwatch 2 Experience” blog post here. Stay tuned for even more Season 9 info next week.

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