Golfinite, developed by Pmurph Games and published by RedDeer.Games, is where players brave through challenges to become pro golfers across different regions. The game will land on the eShop today and with it, experienced golf players will have the chance to polish their clubs and get ready for another tournament!

Golfinite is a smooth golfing experience that underlines its real-life mechanics while giving players out-of-this-world obstacles and sci-fi grade abilities… for a price.

The basics of the game – type of the golf club, surface, wind direction and strength of the shot – are all important here. These technical aspects are taken seriously and getting a good hang of them can be crucial.

Mastery over golf and a sprinkle of advanced technology will definitely give an upper hand during the competition and help the players reach new heights.

On their journey from amateur to master, players will receive experience and coins. Both of these can be exchanged for upgrades or power-ups that will make the road to greatness easier. Some of them are just enhancements that help with accuracy while other let the players stop the ball mid-flight.

Hazards like destructive winds or scorpions should be easier to manage with a bit of magic.

Maybe there is a shop with bouquets so we can make those scorpions hate golf a bit less…

Aforementioned power-ups definitely help with taking on 4 different, challenging environments. Worried about having time for practice?

Golfinite takes care of that – with tournament, training and free play modes it guarantees that every move and strategy can be polished before putting it in motion on the playing field.

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