The Pokémon Company has been dabbling in some pretty interesting areas in recent years, branching out from the usual games, movies and toy offerings. One of the entertainment avenues we’ve seen Pokémon Co. exploring lately is the music side of things, and today brings us yet another example of their efforts.

Pokémon Co. has teamed up with Jax Jones and Zoe Wees to release the song Never Be Lonely. The track just launched today and comes with a music video that features Pikachu front-and-center. You can see that music video in full above.

This isn’t the first time that Jax Jones has teamed with the Pokémon Company, as they’ve partnered in the past for P25 Music in 2021. We’re not sure what brought about the tie-up this time around, but hopefully it’s not the last time we see these creative outlets come together.

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