Today, publisher WhisperGames, and developer KEIZO, are pleased to announce ASTLIBRA Revision Gaiden: The Cave of Phantom Mist - stand-alone DLC for the JRPG smash of 2023. Scheduled for release on February 13th, this eagerly awaited add-on plunges players into the heart of danger that still plagues the town of Rispadar. Nintendo Switch release date to be confirmed.

In the DLC players will embark on an epic journey as The Cave of Phantom Mist beckons you to return to the mystical realm of ASTLIBRA Revision!

As chaos unfolds and the whereabouts of the ‘Hero chosen by the Scales’ remains shrouded in mystery, an unlikely champion emerges to answer the call – a humble bakery girl. Overcoming internal strife, and external threats, she bravely steps forward to face the challenges of destiny, marking the commencement of a gripping new chapter in the Legends of ASTLIBRA.

ASTLIBRA Revision Gaiden: The Cave Phantom Mist offers a fresh perspective on the ASTLIBRA saga, delving deeper into the intricacies of the game’s world and character relationships and elevating the original game’s randomised maze elements! This DLC also promises an exhilarating adventure with a richer variety of rooms, challenges, and experiences…

Originally a short work completed by KEIZO in 2015, The Cave of Phantom Mist has now evolved into a lavish masterpiece. This DLC is the culmination of extensive content additions and enhancements, drawing from the development experience of the full version of ASTLIBRA Revision and KEIZO’s decade-long refinement of ASTLIBRA’s captivating narrative.

Features and Facts

ASTLIBRA Revision has been received with critical acclaim as one of the top JRPGs of 2023

The original game amassed 20,000+ Steam reviews with a stellar 95% overwhelmingly positive rating

The Cave of Phantom Mist DLC offers a standalone gaming experience, seamlessly integrating with the original game

Enjoy a complete overhaul of combat and magic systems for a fresh and dynamic gameplay experience

Experience quality-of-life improvements enhancing overall gameplay

DLC is soon to be released for the Nintendo Switch

Along with the introduction of a new protagonist, players will witness a dramatic overhaul of the gameplay system! Revel in a dynamic dress-up system that emphasises individuality and flair, a lightning-fast yet tactical magic system, and a style system that amplifies specific combat builds. The Gaiden is meticulously crafted to provide players a captivating and refreshing experience throughout an approximately 20-hour-long journey.

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