We are living in the era of the remake, remaster and re-release. If a game was even slightly popular a few years ago, you can expect to see it re-released on a digital platform, remastered for modern platforms, or completely overhauled in a remake. This trend has proven extremely popular with gamers, so there’s no doubt it’ll continue on for years and years to come.

One of the more impressive remakes in recent months has been Star Ocean: The Second Story R, which took both a retro and modern approach in order to create an experience newcomers and fans alike can enjoy. In an interview with Game Informer, Star Ocean: The Second Story R producer Kei Komaki spoke about the two things his team made sure to focus on when tackling this project.

“I believe that there are two critical elements to consider,” Komaki says. “The first is to ensure that you’re making the game for the fans that have supported the title thus far, and the second is to take the nostalgia and experiences held dearly by the fans and turn them into something engaging for the newer players, as a modern game.”

[Star Ocean: The Second Story R producer Kei Komaki says.]

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