While plenty of games and long-running franchises have found success in recent months, we’re sad to report that Sonic seems to have fallen on somewhat rough times.

SEGA shared its financial performance for the nine month period ending December 2023, and the company adjusted its sales and profit forecast downward, which they say was “mainly due to weak sales” of new games. This unfortunately includes Sonic Superstars, which was met with “ sluggish (sales) during the holiday sales season.”

This marks a year-over-year downward trend for the Sonic franchise, which sold 6.75 million units during the same quarter in 2023, versus 5.05 million in this fiscal quarter. It’s important to note that Sonic Frontiers was the main Sonic game during the same quarter last year, making a comparison to this holiday season that much tougher.

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4M ago

It really was pretty good. Can't compare it to Forces or Frontiers because they're different beasts, but it was more *enjoyable*. I didn't enjoy it as much as Mania, but it isn't like it's bad or anything.

I think at least in terms of Switch sales it might have come up short due to its release proximity to Super Mario Wonder. I don't remember what other releases on other platforms were around the same time that might have hindered it.

Or maybe it just didn't appeal to as many people as it could have. I don't know how these things work.


4M ago

They need a new sonic movie to come out this year to boost sonic sales. Oh wait...

Super Mario Bros Wonder had nothing to do with the game failing. It just didn't have the polish that was expected which is the sonic cycle over again.