Back when the Pokémon anime first came out, companies rushed to release all sorts of toys, merch and more. Among the lineup was a real-life version of Ash’s Pokédex, and it certainly looked the part from the outside. On the inside, it was lacking quite a bit in terms of tech and features, but it did the trick.

Decades later, plenty of Pokémon fans fondly remember Ash firing up his Pokédex to get details on unfamiliar Pokémon. Our toy versions of the Pokédex never measured up to what Ash had at his side, and while that wasn’t a sticking point for most, one person was so bothered by that fact that they set out to build their own replica.

YouTuber Abe over at Abe’s Projects has chronicled his creation of a real-life Pokédex, and it puts the toy version to shame. Not only is the build quality much higher, but the inner-workings make the Pokédex pretty much identical to what Ash had. This is thanks to the inclusion of software that accesses ChatGPT in order to dish out real-time Pokémon information.

This Pokédex features a 3D-printed case, a camera to identify Pokémon, a speaker for that all-too-nostalgic voice, and of course, a battery. All of this works in conjunction with ChatGPT in order to spout out Pokémon information instantly, and seeing it all work in the video above is almost magical.


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