There’s not an NES owner alive who hasn’t fussed with the system in order to get a game to play. While things might have worked well enough right out of the box, years of use ended up making some NES games quite fussy, and being able to actually play something was a real crap shoot. Many have tried to fix the issue in the decades since, and now Rocker Gaming is thrown their hat into the ring.

Rocker Gaming has unveiled their “Ninten-drawer” mod for the NES, which aims to remedy the troublesome 72-pin connector in the original design. This mod claims to fix the blinking red light often associated with a bad 72 pin connector, and it does so by effectively creating a straight shot to the cartridge slot.

There have been solutions similar to the Ninten-drawer in the past, but they’ve all been plagued by cartridge grips that made it an absolute nightmare to plug in and remove cartridges. The team at Rocker Gaming claim that not only does the Ninten-drawer play games reliably, it also allows you to remove cartridges with ease.

While it seems things are going well for the project thus far, the team still wants to do more testing in order to iron out issues. If you’d like to lend a hand to helping out Rocker Gaming, you can get more details on the project here.

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