The line of Splatoon merch continues to expand, and the latest item is one that Splatoon 3 fans and bath enthusiasts will definitely want to add to their collections.

Nintendo and Bandai have teamed up for Splatoon 3 Golden Egg Power Egg bath bombs, and they’re set to launch on February 26th, 2024 in Japan. These bath bombs are priced at $3.30 each, and as they fizzle away in your tub, they’ll reveal one of seven different Smallfry figurines.


While the idea of an ‘egg’ bath bomb my gross some people out, thankfully the egg is just a reference to Splatoon 3 and not a scent. These bath bombs will instead disperse a lovely chamomile scent as they dissolve in your bath water. Each bath bomb also hides a green, purple, or yellow ink splatter along with the Smallfry inside, with the ink splatter serving as a base to display your Smallfry on.

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