Just a few days back, we shared the above official Pokémon animated short. The short, titled “Homecoming,” was a special animation created to celebrate the arrival of the Lunar New Year, which officially kicked off on February 10th, 2024. If you missed the short the first time around, you can give it a watch above.

To create this animation, Pokémon Co. teamed up with director Kuo to get the project done. Following Homecoming’s release, Kuo shared a special message about how much they enjoyed working on the project. You can see their full statement below.

“I’ve loved Pokemon since I was little. I never thought that I would be able to create an anime about Pokemon, which I have always loved, as an adult, so I am very happy and honored. Producing an anime is difficult, but it was a lot of fun because it’s about my favorite Pokémon. This is an anime that the whole studio put a lot of effort into making, so I hope everyone will enjoy it!”


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