Heather Gearreald may not be a household name for Nintendo fans, but she was a longtime Nintendo employee that has officially moved over to the Xbox side of gaming.

Heather Gearreald was at Nintendo of America for roughly 5 years, where she held the positions of ‘Quality Assurance Manager’ and ‘Software Development Manager.’ Gearreald has now jumped ship to Turn 10 Studios, the team that handles the Forza series. She’ll now be involved with both the mainline Forza Motorsport series and the Forza Horizon spin-off.

During her time at Nintendo, Gearreald was involved with standardizing and modernizing testing processes globally, launching the ‘MySupport Dashboard’ on Nintendo’s website, and launching an internal application to be utilized by Nintendo’s customer support teams.

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2y ago

Project "Infiltrate Microsoft by joining that team that makes the fast car games for them" COMPLETE!


2y ago


It's all going according to keikaku...