RedDeer.Games, one of the biggest publishers of indie games for Nintendo Switch, would like to introduce platformer lovers to Wira & Taksa. Where muscle and brain come together in the form of best friends, there will be mysteries to discover and enemies to flatten. Though defying gravity will have to wait until the 23rd of February… But the introduction needs no time to spare!

And here we are, on a little planet with one master of gravity… who’s about to share his knowledge with two of his pupils!

In this world it’s splat or be splatted – dangers and traps await you in calm, green forests, as well as fire-spitting, lava-filled landscapes. They have their own challenges and timings, so all in all… it’s brutal out there. The players are no victims to those obstacles – together with Wira and Taksa they will surely dominate whatever gravity throws at them!

Wira is a muscular warrior, less subtle, but with his power, no enemy will stand in the players’ way for long. They might lay, though, in a pancake manner. Meanwhile Taksa is speedy and dexterous, Wira’s smaller companion is capable of dodging and slipping through many cracks and crannies. He and his abilities will be the key to overcoming what cannot be squashed.

These two best friends share their lives – and their life pool. Running out of lives means a level restart, though players can pick up things that will give them additional attempts of beating the map.

Monsters can bite ankles to a degree, they’re definitely annoying but easy to get rid of. Traps, meanwhile, will take a full life no matter what – it’s truly a shame one can’t slap them into nothingness.

What is a world without a challenge?

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