When it comes to long-tail sellers and evergreen titles, no one makes them like Nintendo. The company has a knack for creating games that sell for months, if not years on end, and they stay in the minds of millions for a very, very long time. That includes the extremely diehard Nintendo fans out there who keep digging into Nintendo’s titles literally decades after they first arrived.

The latest example of fans never letting a game die comes from a new discovery in Super Mario Sunshine, which originally launched for the GameCube all the way back in 2002. While most of the games nooks and crannies have been thoroughly explored, one secret has perplexed Mario fans ever since the game first released.

Have you ever wondered what the gibberish text of Super Mario Sunshine says? You can find the mysterious iconography all over the game, from random signs to storefronts and more. It might look like a bunch of nonsense to most players, but superfan 2CPhoenix was convinced that Nintendo actually created a whole new set of letters for the game. Now, after years and years of work, 2CPhoenix has cracked the code.

It turns out Nintendo actually did craft a new written language for Super Mario Sunshine, and literally every instance of the language in-game can now be translated into English. To see how 2CPhoenix deciphered the language and also discover what these billboards and signs finally say, check out the video above!

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