It’s Palentine’s Day on Pasio, and what better way to celebrate than with sweet treats! Last Palentine’s, Mallow donned an adorable ensemble to match her Appletun, who she received as an Applin from Victor. This time around, Victor decides to host a cooking class after Candice asks for some culinary counseling. Catch all their appetizing antics in Story Event: Victor’s Cooking Class!

Candice (Palentine’s 2024) & Darmanitan are an Ice-type strike sync pair prepared to ice cream the competition with Icicle Crash. Their strength as a sync pair is quick and to the point: they get a damage boost from their Hit the Gas 5 passive skill, and Icicle Crash deals tons of damage even without stat increases. Each time they use Icicle Crash, their Fighting Spirit Icicle Crash buddy move increases in power by 50 percent, up to a maximum power-up bonus of 200 percent.

That’s not all—their passive skill Is This Your Order? increases Candice (Palentine’s 2024) & Darmanitan’s Physical Moves ↑ Next effect by two stat ranks when Darmanitan changes between forms. It can be a bit tricky to maximize this passive skill, as it requires Candice (Palentine’s 2024) & Darmanitan to fall below 50 percent HP—or rise above 50 percent HP—but that’s remedied with a quick use of Potion.

For more details on this sync pair’s passive skills and moves, check out their in-game sync pair scout screen. Candice (Palentine’s 2024) & Darmanitan are available to scout until February 26, 2024, at 9:59 p.m. PST. And if you can’t get enough Palentine’s treats, Victor (Palentine’s 2024) & Greedent are also available to scout until February 26, 2024, at 9:59 p.m. PST.

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