Hogwarts Legacy was the best-selling game of 2023, moving over 22 million units worldwide. That means there are a LOT of wizarding world students out there making a difference, and now Warner Bros. has some stats to share on just what players have been up to.

Warner Bros. has crunched the numbers on Hogwarts Legacy players, and they’ve come up with all sorts of interesting data. Turns out would-be wizards have been quite busy making the world a better place…or at least trying to. Check out the complete breakdown of Hogwarts Legacy player stats below!

  • 740 million hours played
  • 3.05 billion fast travels
  • 51 million hours on broom
  • 877 million potions made
  • 1.38 billion plants harvested
  • 637 million Magical Beasts captured
  • 425 million Merlin Trials solved
  • 30% sorted into Slytherin
  • 29% sorted into Gryffindor
  • 24% sorted into Hufflepuff
  • 17% sorted into Ravenclaw
  • 5.25 billion dark wizards defeated
  • 783 million stealth attacks
  • 5.30 billion spiders exterminated
  • 374 million trolls defeated

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