JanduSoft is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Rebel Transmute, a captivating metroidvania created by the solodev Evan Tor Games. Players will embark on a thrilling journey as Moon Mikono, a space scrapper turned adventurer, determined to unravel the mystery surrounding her missing mother. Rebel Transmute is set to be released on March 14th, 2024 on Switch.

In Rebel Transmute, players will have the freedom to take on challenges in their own style by swapping game-changing upgrades. Whether they prefer an aggressive approach or a more strategic way of playing, Rebel Transmute offers a wide range of unique upgrades to suit every play style. Each player will experience this fascinating story in their own way.

The sprawling pixel-art world of Rebel Transmute, packed with dangerous bosses and creatures, is a sight to behold. It features breathtaking vistas ranging from the vibrant vegetation of Overgrowth to the fluorescent reefs of the Coral Fissure and the crystal-covered Surface, glowing with sparkling blood


  • Encounter over 80 unique enemies and over 8 formidable bosses!.
  • Discover game-changing abilities.
  • Augment your playstyle with more than 40 optional upgrades.
  • Travel through a vast map with different biomes.
  • Uncover an unabashedly personal and heartfelt story told in a modern sci-fi setting.
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