There are a litany of controllers available for the Switch, allowing you to play games is pretty much any way you see fit. There are simple NES-style controllers all the up to fight sticks with all sorts of buttons, bells and whistles. Rest assured, if you have a preferred way to play games when it comes to controls, you should be able to find the option on Switch.

While new controllers are well and good, what about legacy options from Nintendo’s history? The Big N has created a ton of different, unique control options over the years, and some of them haven’t seen official support in decades. That doesn’t mean they’re completely useless nowadays, though! With the right technical know-how and some patience, you might be surprised at what you can get working.

One great example can be seen above, where we see the NES Power Pad being used to control Super Mario Bros. Wonder on Switch. No, it’s not going to be the most ideal way to play and it does require a bunch of setup, but the end result is a functioning controller. While this particular option might get pretty tiresome very quickly, it’s still fun to know that it actually works!

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