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Celebrating 5 years of Apex Legends

13 February 2024
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In 2019, Apex Legends exploded onto the world stage, and after five years of continued growth and evolution and more than 130 million players worldwide entering the arena, it has cemented itself a pillar in modern competitive gaming. Today, Electronic Arts Inc. and Respawn Entertainment mark the fifth anniversary of the beloved hero shooter and battle royale game with the launch of Apex Legends: Breakout on consoles and PC, beginning the next major era of competition. In one of the biggest game changing seasons since launch, Apex Legends: Breakout introduces new innovative Legend Upgrades, as well as changes to the Ranked experience that veteran players will find familiar, all while providing deeper strategy for experienced players and offering more streamlined matchplay for new players or those joining the fray again.

Over the last five years, with its passionate community at the forefront of every innovation, evolution, and seasonal launch, Respawn has continued to grow the Apex Legends experience. The roster of individually crafted and diverse Legends has grown to 24, players can compete across five massive and dynamic maps and countless weapons and new features have been added to transform the strategic experience. Players can engage in a variety of new rotating modes through Mix Tape and ongoing limited time events that experiment with unique gameplay concepts to keep players on their toes. Apex Legends’ deep storyline set in Respawn’s iconic Titanfall universe keeps players entertained inside the game as well as outside through the Stories from the Outlands video series and their recent four-part Kill Code mini-series.

In Apex Legends: Breakout, players are introduced to Legend Upgrades that enhance each Legend’s Armor and Abilities based on their actions in a battle royale match. By leveling up in a match, players can select Ability Upgrades for their Legends, tailored to their playstyle and demands on battle. The Ranked mode shifts to a high-risk, high-reward system this season that incentivizes combat. Players will accrue Ranked Points (RP) in a match with bonuses for kills, match placement and outperforming higher-ranked squads. To kick off this new structure in Breakout, all players’ Ranked progress will be reset with everyone starting from 1RP.

Throughout the season, players will also earn Breakout Rewards when a new Legend becomes free-to-play for the rest of the season. The lineup of Legends include Fuse, Seer, Rampart, Mad Maggie, Loba and Valkyrie – each with a unique set of challenges that players must complete to permanently unlock that Legend.

As part of the 5th Anniversary Collection Event, players will jump into Straight Shot, a fast-paced Limited Time Mode where 10 squads drop into predetermined Points of Interest, next to fully-kitted guns and enemy squads ready for action. Straight Shot also speeds up the battle with faster ring rounds, no jumpmasters, a smaller map and the ability to re-queue without ever hitting the lobby.

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