Location-based gaming is very much a thing when it comes to mobile devices, and it appears that no other part of the world loves these titles more than Japan.

The latest report from Sensor Tower revealed that Japanese gamers spent a whopping $620 million on location-based mobile games in 2023, making it the #1 location for these kind of games in the world. Japan alone accounts for 50% of the global player spend on location-based games.

Wondering what the big location-based games are in Japan? The top 5 titles for 2023, ranked by player spend, are as follows:

  1. Dragon Quest Walk (over $300 million in revenue)
  2. Pokémon GO
  3. Monster Hunter Go
  4. Station Memo
  5. Nobunaga’s Ambition

The United States ended up the second largest market for location-based gaming, accounting for $380 million in revenue. Not surprisingly, Pokémon GO remained the top title in terms of revenue in the U.S., accounting for a staggering $300 million of that $380 million total.

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