There have been rumors rumbling for years now that Doctor Who content would make its way to Fortnite at some point. There were even leaked assets that showed off various Doctor Who graffiti pieces that appeared set for the game. Unfortunately, if there ever were plans for Doctor Who content in Fortnite, consider them scrapped.

Following the most recent rash of rumors about Doctor Who and Fortnite, the BBC has stepped in to squash the discussion. In a statement to Eurogamer, the BBC said that they “have nothing in current development in Fortnite.” If you were hoping to see this rumored content pop up soon, it looks like it’s time to move on.

As to whether Epic and the BBC were working on Doctor Who content for Fortnite at one point, that remains an unanswered question. Again, with leaked assets and various scuttlebutt over the years, it does seem like a collab was being considered, but for whatever reason that has been called off for the time being.

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