Developer Kaleido Games has announced that they’re bringing Slam and Roll to the Switch sometime this year. There’s no word on a price point or file size at this time.

Earth’s monuments are under attack, and the conventional human arsenal is ineffective against the extraterrestrial invaders. Fortunately, the sports club, armed with magically enhanced sports equipment, is ready to defend our planet alongside the ingenious Dr. McLabby!

Slam And Roll pays homage to 90s arcade ‘stage clear’ games, blending inspired mechanics and a distinctive art style with modern gameplay standards. Experience pure joy as you encounter endless enemies, challenging bosses, bonus stages, mind-bending puzzles, and hidden secrets. Embark on a thrilling journey through 200+ stages, including expansive scrolling levels spread across 8 worlds and 3 game modes. Take your pick from various sports and characters, unlocking new skins for baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer, ping pong, and tennis.


  • Choose your gaming style: classic hardcore arcade mode or modernized tour mode gameplay for everyone with adaptive difficulty for all skill levels.
  • Over 200 playable stages with bosses, puzzles, secret levels, unlockable stages and bonuses.
  • A diverse cast of sporty and lively characters to play with.
  • Unleash super high replayability through unlockables: characters, game modes, secret items, scattered tour and bonus stages
  • A nostalgic love letter to 90s ‘stage clear’ arcade games.
  • Play solo or in local co-op with a friend - defend the world together.
  • Online leaderboards with extensive customization to represent players worldwide.
  • Immerse yourself in the authentic Arcade coin-op experience with meticulous design and modernized integration.

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