I am an old man, so I very much remember the days when Wolfenstein 3D made its way to the Super Nintendo. It was a really big deal to see the game come over, but the port was not without its controversy.

First off, parents were starting to worry that games like Wolfenstein 3D were a bit too violent, and featured subject matter inappropriate for children. Second, fans of Wolfenstein 3D didn’t like that the SNES version took out the killer dogs and exchanged them with rats, while also making a number other tweaks and changes.

The upcoming documentary FPS takes a look at the FPS genre in general, and it happens to make a pitstop for Wolfenstein 3D’s jump to the SNES. Just in case you don’t know the story, the video above will give you a closer look at the game’s changes for the Super Nintendo, and also shares some insight into why they were made.

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