Publisher Aniplex Inc. and developer ACQUIRE Corp. previously announced that they’ll be bringing their game Hookah Haze to the Nintendo Switch in 2024. Players take on the role of the protagonist, Toru Sumiki, who runs a shisha shop. Through providing shisha to three girls, players will delve into their true feelings. Today brings us a new trailer for the title and you can check it out above.

It’s the year 2xxx. On the outskirts of Akihabara, a new hookah lounge opens its doors to customers. Welcome to Hookah Haze!

Before long, the rookie manager Toru Sumiki notices that socializing with the lounge’s peculiar clientele has begun to change him. Tobacco flavor recommendations on social media affect who visits the lounge, weaving the twists of the story nudged in this or that direction by the choices the protagonist makes in the course of relaxed late-night conversations with his customers.

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