By this point, Hi-Fi Rush coming to Switch is definitely one of gaming’s worst-kept secrets. We don’t have an official confirmation yet, but datamining and inside sources have all but confirmed the upcoming port. That will apparently mark the beginning of a new era of collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo, and today brings us a potential tease for what’s next.

While Hi-Fi Rush has taken the lion’s share of the Switch port rumors, there has also been talk of Sea of Thieves jumping ship to Nintendo as well. There’s no doubt that Microsoft and RARE are well aware of the internet scuttlebutt, and that’s why some fans seem to think that the companies are not-so-slyly hinting at the rumors being true.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the official Sea of Thieves X account shared a message with its followers. That message has made more than a few people think that the game is indeed going to release on Switch and PlayStation. The post reads as follows:


Rowboats are red, And sometimes they’re blue, Other times they’re green, Occasionally they can be white…

Wait, where were we going with this?

Ah, that’s where we were going with it… Happy #ValentinesDay, Pirates, however you’re spending it. Our favourite colour of Rowboat is purple, by the way, if you fancy leaving us one at Smuggler’s Bay.

Not a confirmation by any means, but it certainly seems like a wink towards fans in-the-know about the rumor. The mention of red, blue and green in general seems all too convenient, as those are the colors of Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox. Is it possible this is just a harmless post playing on the age-old “Roses are red” rhyme, or do Microsoft and RARE know exactly what they’re doing?

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