Slave Zero X is coming to Switch on February 21st, 2023, meaning we’re just one week away from checking out this brand-new, retro-inspired title. As some know, Slave Zero X only exists because of Slave Zero, a 3D PC/Dreamcast title that launched all the way back in 1999. Ever wonder why 2024 is the time to revive this franchise with a new spin-off? Well, now we have the answer straight from the publisher.

In an interview with Games Industry, Ziggurat’s publishing producer Alex Lotz spoke up on how Slave Zero X came to be. It seems the idea for this follow-up didn’t start out as a Slave Zero game, but the IP just made too much sense to ignore.

“Someone at Poppyworks had this prototype going for a Shinobi-inspired game that integrated a lot of fighting game mechanics, so we sent them a list of a bunch of IPs we owned and they said, ‘Oh, this would make sense in the Slave Zero world’ because they were already looking at it being a sci-fi, futuristic anime setting. It did end up being much more of a hack-and-slash where the original Slave Zero was much more of a shooter, but they were very faithful to the art direction, the concept art, the themes the original was trying to tackle, the story and building out the fiction.”

[Ziggurat's publishing producer Alex Lotz]

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