EGGCONSOLE Ys PC-8801mkIISR launches for Switch today

The birth of a classic franchise

15 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Have you been following along with Publisher D4 Enterprise’s series of EGGCONSOLE releases? This series of games brings over PC-8801 classics to the Switch, and the next game in their lineup is a bona fide treasure.

Later today, Switch owners will have the chance to grab the original PC-8801 version of Nihon Falcom’s action RPG Ys. The title, dubbed EGGCONSOLE Ys PC-8801mkIISR, is priced at $6.49 and it takes up just 46 mb of space.

In Ys, players take on the role of Adol Christin, a red-haired adventurer, as he embarks on a journey to seek the six Books of Ys. At the time of its release, the PC gaming industry was saturated with challenging RPGs. However, Nihon Falcom took a different approach with this game, releasing it with the concept of ““Now, it’s the era to bring kindness in RPGs,”” aiming to create an RPG that everyone could enjoy.

The game features clever level-up settings that eliminate the hassle of grinding for experience points, the removal of unreasonable traps, and agile characters that move smoothly. With numerous thoughtful design choices, the game can be enjoyed comfortably, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is filled with ““kindness,”” as the tagline suggests.

Please note that with this release, the main game and gallery screen are in Japanese, while the other menus and “How to play”” screens are in English.

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