Looking for a fun, challenging, addictive party game? How about a whole bunch of them? Look no further – Mindscape and Lakeview Games are coming to the rescue with their brand-new game, Pool Party!

Challenge your friends and dive into a wave of fun at the Pool Party resort! Play solo or with up to four players in tons of sports and brawl games and fight to become the king of the party. Customize your pool ball – choose your favorite color and design – and go head-to-head with your friends while having a splashing good time!

Just remember that these pool balls aren’t just adorable, but also surprisingly agile. They reach ridiculous speeds as they roll and bounce around the arena! Plus, these balls can knock each other around, because they are balls, after all! You’ll be amazed by the sheer power of a perfectly aimed kick, propelling a rival ball all over the stage. So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends, grab a cue, join the party, and battle it out in chaotic physics-based party games in Pool Party!


  • Chaotic physics-based sports and brawl games.
  • Play with up to four players in local multiplayer or solo.
  • Add bots to fill out teams or practice your skills.
  • Easy to learn, hard to master. Anyone can join the fun!
  • Various game modes like Pool, Idol, Sumo, and Free-for-all.


Pool: Score by kicking balls of your color into the open pockets, but be careful not to fall in yourself!

Tennis: Either solo or in doubles, kick the ball across the court to score!

Sumo: No kicking allowed! Push the other players into the water by rolling into them. It’s push or be pushed!

Football: With one or two players on each team, shoot your ball into the opposing goal to score – or kick your opponents away to clear your path to the goal.

Idol: Compete to pick up and hold on to a small idol. Gain points by holding the idol. But beware – holding the idol means you can’t roll while your opponents chase you down to knock the idol out of your hands.

Jinxed: One of the players is cursed! Kick, push, or hit the other players to pass the curse onto them. When the timer runs out, the cursed player loses, and the curse finds a new target. The last one standing wins!

Free-for-all: Knock your opponents into the pockets and try to be the last one standing. Tournament: Play a mix of all the different game modes and become the ultimate Pool Party champion!

Pool Party is being developed by Lakeview Games and will be published by Mindscape on Switch in Spring 2024.

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