Get ready to embark on a thrilling scientific adventure! Expeditions: A MudRunner Game, the latest creation from Focus Entertainment and Saber interactive, the renowned studio behind MudRunner and SnowRunner, reveals today an exciting new trailer that expose an overview of all the content awaits you in the year following the launch of Expeditions: A MudRunner Game on March 5, 2024 on Switch.

In addition to extra content and early unlock of the game, Year 1 Edition and the Supreme Edition owners will enjoy access to four seasons of dedicated content spread across the year. Each one of them gives access to new scouts and trucks, specialists with unique capacities helping you to succeed in every mission, and never-seen-before high-tech tools.

All of these vehicles, equipment and companions will allow you to overcome an enormous program of new missions. Every season including in the Year 1 Pass adds several dozens of fresh explorations for a total of approximately over a hundred. Explore unknown zones in Arizona and the Carpathians, altered by violent earthquakes, in order to uncover the mysteries of a buried ancient civilization. Roam into rocky and green landscapes, but not only ! The Year 1 going deeper, literally. Go into secret mines and caverns, abandoned in time, and try to progress in these cramped paths. A feature never seen before in the Runner Series.

Even if the Year 1 Edition and the Supreme Edition contain thrilling paid content, players also benefit from free content and updates, including the highly anticipated co-op mode! Whether you prefer small-scale adventuring or venturing forth with up to four players, you can share gadgets and information, help each other and tackle perilous situations. Use your tools, your team spirit and your will to help science to conquer the wilderness together.


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