Boundary Break is back with another deep dive into what’s sitting just outside the camera’s view in various video games. This time around, Boundary Break once again turns its focus to the Batman side of gaming with another classic title.

There have been plenty of fantastic Batman games over the years, but none have found success like the Arkham trilogy. This trio of titles have wiggled their way into Batman fans’ hearts the world over, giving us plenty to enjoy from the world’s greatest detective. Today, instead of letting Batman do the dirty work, Boundry Break dives in to solve some mysteries of their own.

Ever wonder how Batman: Arkham Origins was built? There’s obviously a lot going on in the game, but there’s so much more that we can’t see. As a matter of fact, we were never meant to see the true inner-workings of Arkham Origins, but thanks to some specially-built tools and an undeniable sense of discovery, today’s Boundary Break video pulls back the curtain.

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