Well, it’s official. After all sorts of speculation, Microsoft has confirmed that they are indeed bringing more titles over to teh Switch. As for what games specifically…Microsoft isn’t ready to say.

As confirmed by Microsoft’s Phil Spencer on the official Xbox Podcast, Microsoft has lined up 4 titles that they’ll be bringing to “other platforms,” which means Switch and PlayStation. We don’t hear how many of those 4 games are coming to Switch, but it does seem likely that all of them will head over at some point.

While Spencer wasn’t willing to share the names of these games, he did give some hints about them. First off, Microsoft apparently looked at games that were at least a year old as targets to bring over. A couple of those titles are “community-driven” games and first iterations of a franchise, while the other two are “smaller” releases. The reason why Microsoft is bringing them over is due to their belief that they can grow with expansion to platforms outside of Xbox.

Last but not least, Microsoft confirmed that neither Starfield or Indiana Jones and the Great Circle are making the jump to other platforms. This was probably clear once Microsoft said that the titles they’re looking at are a year+ older, but it’s nice to have extra confirmation on these two games at least.

UPDATE: According to Famitsu, the four titles receiving ports are Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Sea of ​​Thieves and Grounded. Microsoft did not mention any specific titles in their podcast announcment.

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4M ago

So this entire show was to confirm the rumours. OK.

Oh yeah, the actual news was that Blizzard games are coming to GP. OK.

The Verge (and Famitsu) are "confirming" the rumours of what games. OK.

So when will Nintendo finally talk Switch 2? Now that Sony is promising a draught of a year and MS has nothing to offer, Nintendo should steal the show, and the year, with something huge, like a new console.