No Man’s Sky originally launched in 2016 and it was met with a ton of backlash. This was due to developer Hello Games overpromising and under-delivering in many fans’ eyes. Ever since that launch, Hello Games has been working to win back fans with major updates, and it’s clear the game has not only met those expectations from launch, but far surpassed them.

Earlier today we saw No Man’s Sky get yet another update with its Omega expansion, which packs in another massive wave of things to do and see. It’s pretty crazy to see Hello Games cook up so much stuff for No Man’s Sky all these years later, and it makes you wonder just how much more they have in the works. Turns out we may have gotten an answer to that question today.

The official No Man’s Sky X account has shared a message showing the various updates the title has received over the years, and as we mentioned above, it’s a lot. The thing is, the end of the message is what fans are talking about most, and you can see it for yourself below.

As you can see, the message lists the various updates of No Man’s Sky one-by-one, but there are three blank spots at the end of the post. Could this mean that there are just three more updates in the works for the game, or is that just speculation on the part of fans? We don’t have a definitive answer right now, but we’ll certainly keep our eyes peeled for details.

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