Clear River Games, a video game publisher specialising in classic and retro games and part of Embracer Freemode, today announced the shipping of Pronty, a unique underwater adventure that marries a beautiful 2D art style with the sprawling environments of metroidvania gameplay.

Titular character Pronty and his partner Bront, a weaponized robotic swordfish, are tasked with taking on hordes of mutant monsters in a mission to return hope to the once-thriving underwater civilisation of Royla, and reveal the truth behind the monsters and pollution that wreak havoc on them.

Key Pronty Features:

Unique ‘underwater javelin’ combat system - command Bront your javelin partner to repel enemies, remove obstacles, or protect yourself.

Fight with ferocious mutant fish monsters – Poisoned by toxic marine waste, hordes of mutant aquatic life, are hell bent on destroying the underwater cities of future Atlantis. Can Pronty and Bront stop them?

Combine Pronty’s skills to create your own unique battle style - install ‘memory boards’ to create incredible combinations of skills and abilities. Your battle style, for you to design!

Explore the magnificent but perilous underwater city of this future Atlantis – With jaw dropping, underwater beauty, Pronty is bursting with a colourful, clean-line art style, creating a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere.

Magnificent and immersive underwater environments - The realistic underwater environment and best battle combat experience, combines with sound design by studio IMBA interactive, with ‘Behind the Screen’ composer Paul Su’s score accompanying players throughout their journey.

A Meaningful Story - unveil the mysteries of Royla and Pronty’s origins through a hundred astonishing levels to explore and survive.

A terrifying array of hostile and mutated sea life - face 13 fearsome bosses, and more than 40 types of aquatic mutant monsters, resulting from fighting fusions between sea creatures and marine debris.

Pronty is an enchanting addition to the Nintendo Switch physical library, worthy of a place in any Switch-owner’s collection and available for purchase from Amazon and other leading video games retailers across Europe from today for an MSRP of €34.99 / $34.99.

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